Muddy That Water! Stir That Muck!

Zelda. Zelda has been oscillating wildly, which is her normal state. Now she believes I am evil incarnate, now she feels that I am better than a good foodstamp scam; it varies, and it is never of much account. Zelda and I have been drawing further apart, albeit slowly, for a long time.

Zelda will be having surgery for Female Problems in two weeks. Why do I see this as an opportunity to completely screw up my life? Is this Ego? Is this Paranoia? Or is this Clear Sight?

Well. [rub bridge of nose] Clearly slow movement, careful choosing of words, and remaining calmly centered is called for. Get through the surgery and the immediate convalescence, then return to my neutral corner as gracefully and quickly as possible.

I hope. Yikes.

In a slightly less self-centered way of looking at this, the surgery is a very good idea, and will nail some problems that have been there for years. Hopefully.

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