So. Today I must manifest two new resumes, one for a database management job that I am marginally capable of handling, one for a human resources manager job that — with my laying-down moral standing — I can probably do. I must learn MS Access sufficiently that I can talk pretty well about it and sit down at the computer and look knowledgeable for about five minutes. In addition, I must take Bridgette to dinner to meet Ma, which promises to be an interesting time, as I’ve over-shared with each of them to an embarassing point for normal people who don’t care to know about one another’s intimate lives … and both are the sort that will, good-naturedly, make me pay for my indiscretion. Then I’m off to Troll’s graduation, where I will be seated with the former in-laws. With my girlfriend and my ex-wife. And my mother, who is hated and disowned by all but me and Othello, will be lurking in the wings, having been invited by Troll to increase her probable present base.

I’m thinking about drinking heavily, but I’m certain to have work left to do on the resumes and Access when I get home.

Last Friday was Troll’s 18th birthday, which went … interestingly. I’ll post as time allows. It’s worth a few words, for the sheer anthropology of the thing.

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