The Drangsty Sturm

Othello’s things have been moved to Eagle Point. Papers are filed for sole custody. He is starting school here today.

Zelda has been haranguing Cinderella for conspiring with me. And.

Zelda is returning to Oregon on Tuesday. “Why?”, is anybody’s guess.

Papers are moving into place to prevent a game of ping-pong with Othello as the ball. They may be in place before Zelda can come to Eagle Point and extract him. And they may not. The court case will move forward, regardless.

I can’t do anything to protect Cinderella from her mother, and that hurts.

I may not be able to do anything soon enough to prevent Zelda from hurting Othello, and that hurts.

I am already doing the things that I can do. That has to be enough, since it’s all there is. Without silly going-to-ground hyperdrama crap. Tempting, but, no. The thing to do is be stable and clean and correct, and work the custody. Everything until then is just more cleanup for later, nothing to be worried about.


Possibility to worry over: Zelda could be coming to the state with money sufficient to buy off Othello’s probation, then take him to Tennessee. This would very likely slow things to a point that he would be near 18 when they are resolved.

Bleah. I’m not mentioning this possibility to Othello or Cinderella; I don’t want it to get to Zelda, if she hasn’t thought of it already.

Nobody knows what Othello would say if Zelda came to extract him, including, I believe, Othello. That doesn’t aid my peace of mind. In the end, he still wants his mother’s love and attention, and he might identify her coming to extract him as a sign of that, and take it.


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