Song Meme

Meme: Take lyrics to a song, paste them to Google Language Tools. Translate them from English to German, then from German to French, then from French back to English. Post the lyrics on your blog and ask people to guess what song it is.

Today’s song:

Me you were made wound. Me desecrat you left yourselves. Me you were made penetrate. Me you were made complicate. help me. I broke besides my interior. help me. I do not have a heart aiming to sell. help me. the only thing which works for me; help me to receive far from me. I wish you in Arschloch which wants an animal. I would like to believe you an interior. I wish you in Arschloch which wants an animal. my complete existence is defective. You to receive naeeher more me with a god.

3 thoughts on “Song Meme”

  1. It probably says a lot about me that I primarily recognize this song from its inclusion in a Weird Al Polka. 🙂

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