List of Miracles

Okay. So.

    What I am frequently called on to do
  • Evaluate estimate for reformatting – manual in EST

  • Reformat estimate – manual in EST and .txt file
  • Transfer estimate to database
    • Transfer – automated

    • Determine correction issues – manual
    • Correct Descriptions – data entry
    • Correct Values – data entry
    • Review w/ estimator & PM – interpersonal
  • Create database documents for each estimate
    • CTC – automated

    • Production Unit Report – automated
    • Time Card – manual in Excel, from DB
    • Field Worksheet – manual in Excel, from DB & EST
  • Subcontracts
    • Enter in DB – manual data entry

    • Type contract – manual in Word
    • Review with PM – interpersonal
    • Review with CFO – interpersonal
    • Print individualized document packet – manual in Word
    • Type Transmittals & Mail – manual data entry
    • Process returned SC – interpersonal
  • Educate Estimating users – interpersonal
  • Educate DB users – interpersonal
  • Brushfire control on computers (“My printer doesn’t work”) – interpersonal
  • Monitor user weekly DB usage; evaluate for CEO – manual
  • Database
    • Evaluate requested corrections for internal consistency w/ DB – manual

    • Correct issues on estimating side – data entry
    • Massage DB side to match estimating – data entry
    • Review corrections with CEO – interpersonal
    Digested list:
  • Data Entry – may be delegated: 3

  • Data Entry – may not be delegated: 3
  • Interpersonal: 8
  • Manual – can be automated: 2
  • Manual – can be partially automated: 3
  • Manual – cannot be automated: 1
  • Automated: 3

Which tells me that, if I work to improve the delegation of data entry items and the automation of the manual items (through DB queries, Access DB machines to aid evaluation, and so forth) I could reduce the amount of personal brain resources used in about a third of my job duties.

A 30% reduction of stress might accompany that.

So I need to add a 24th job description item: Automate & Delegate

Okay. A goal is good. Now I’ll determine a plan to go with it.

2 thoughts on “List of Miracles”

  1. If I had to help people with their computer problems, you would be reading about me in the evening news. It’s bad enough at home sometimes.

    1. Hum. If I measure my success at teaching people about their computers by the number of people who no longer need to ask for help, I could easily wrangle myself a raise by slaying out of hand those who call me for help. One call … no more computer problems, ever, from that user.

      There must be something wrong with that, but today, I just can’t spot the flaw.

      As an aside, I perform the same function at home, but never have to teach anything more than once. I wonder if my work would be easier if I could get them hired on at Batzer.

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