Demon of Spite

Last night, the posts between Zelda and I looked like:

“Othello wanted me to contact you. What’s up?”

“What I asked for was for you to talk to me on the phone. I want to communicate with you in real time not withthe delay of typing. I am attempting to reduce the amount of money you and I will spend on court costs. Are you willing to work with me or not?”

“I told you I am willing to negotiate. Call my lawyer, she has instructions.”

This morning, my lawyer received a fax from Zelda:

“I oppose this change of custody motion. Signed:”

We checked; it was not filed with the courthouse, which is required. She did not schedule a bid for mediation, nor a waiver of mediation, which is required.

What has changed? Nothing.

She has two days before deadline is up. Benton County bends the rules on deadlines, is lenient with late filings, but nothing is going to change, anyway. In the past month Othello has:

-Completed an entire class
-Made several new friends, which we call “the Harem”
-Spent almost every night out of his room, in the living room with us
-Reduced his acid reflux (until yesterday)
-Gone to the gym several times weekly
-Told his mother several times not to fight this.

This just drags things out. It doesn’t change the outcome. I asked Othello what his mother wanted from conversation with me last night (before my email was returned).

“To fight.”

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