Functional Headcase

Over the weekend I picked Ma’s brain on the cure of the root cause of my priortizing writing badly. She noted that it’s a family trait, but didn’t know how to cure the problem.

Just before bed, she came back and suggested something Clever. She suggested that writing something would clean up my attic sufficiently to remove some of the neurotic behavior responsible for preventing my writing. That is, without knowing what the root cause is exactly nor how to cure it, treating the symptom would have a palliative effect on the condition.

That sounded a bit wonky to me: I won’t let myself do things that I want to do for some pathological reason; do the things that I want to do and I will have less pathological reason to prevent myself doing those things. Very catch-22.

And it worked. The more I wrote, the better I felt about it, and the more I wrote.

Reasonably, if I keep writing, I will be able to keep writing.

Is there a way to communicate this that doesn’t sound stupid?

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