Goat Words to date: 960
Flash Fiction Words to date: 200
Total words to date: 1160
Scene 2 partially done
Flash fiction piece drafted by accident

I’d like to revise the flash piece tonight and ship it off in the morning mail.

How’d I do that?

8 thoughts on “Scoreboard”

  1. By applying butt to keyboard and fingers to chair?

    No, you’re right, that couldn’t possibly be it…

  2. I’ve been told twice in the past two months that my pants are too big. And I switched sizes of leg coverings in between. If you keep exercising your fingers, will you need to resize your ring? Or is your brain just building so much muscle that your skull will soon burst?

    1. Neither. I will become very like Jeeves, with forehead bulging with intellect. And I will always find a way. Now, I go to revise.

      …I’m looking forward to seeing the shrunken you at Disneyland (that being how I refer to it around here. Although I Have My Suspicions.)

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