If I Focus Hard Enough on the Future, Will I Go There?

I am already packed. The house is sanitized sufficient that it will not be an ordeal to return to it. The animals & plants are cared for.

There is nothing left to do, to get ready. ‘Deen is mere hours away.

Today I am fighting to concentrate on subcontracts & spreadsheets, when travelling north to the airport in Eugene is clamoring for attention, Aberdeen is beaming from Seattle and distracting me, and Things I Don’t Know are building pressure, the event-meniscus almost high enough to overflow into the present.


Subcontracts. Now.

5 thoughts on “If I Focus Hard Enough on the Future, Will I Go There?”

  1. Hey, if you Writer’s Weekend folks end up with some spare time, and want to grab some dinner or something, I’m in Renton. Feel free to give me a ring at 425-246-2213. I know a great Mongolian Grill!

    No big deal if people get busy, but I know I won’t see random out-of-town visitors if I don’t say anything at all. 🙂 And you’ll all be Right There.

    1. I KNEW it was Writer’s Weekend.

      [dances, claps, makes happy-Tigger noises]

      Emilyemilyemily is the bestbestbest

        1. I’m pretty sure you didn’t, given the commentary I got when visiting (much too briefly) a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of horse-schlepping.

          1. In fact, that is the case; I knew, but with kirbykconfirmation I am able to know and act like it, which is a different thing entirely and very welcome. So. Good.

            Writer’s Weekend was a very, very nice thing to go to, and gets a post of its own. Emily, just so everyone knows, is like a god to me. I would hide bodies for her.

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