The Dreaming Invades, Part II

On the way to work this morning, I shared the odd tale of the early morning’s doings. I had finished with the basics of the story, and was observing, “I feel as if I haven’t so much kept a drunk from killing herself, as kept someone from feeling badly for killing her –”

As I was speaking, we were driving on a narrow, winding bit of road. A large truck two vehicles behind me chose to pull into the oncoming lane to pass all of us as an oncoming car came over the rise. A quick bit of differential calculus showed the truck was going to have some issues that would result in a need for new grillwork or me being shoved into a ditch. I interrupted myself with, “– stupid son of a bitch!” and slammed the brakes as firmly as I could without piling up the car behind me. The errant truck had room to pull in front of me just as the opposing car shot past us; like, “vroom-swish”.

We all breathed for a bit, just to demonstrate that we still could.

“This,” I said, “is obviously my day for saving idiots from killing themselves with other people.”