7 thoughts on “Scoreboard”

  1. Can you run a few mines for me?

    I have a dress fitting in a week or so… and I’d like to have it slide off me and have them say “Oh my! we have to take 5 inches off the waist!!”

    1. Sorry. I’ve all I can do running off my own loathsome bloat.

      Try sex. Lots and lots of sex. Like, several times each 24 hours. None of that namby-pamby laying-there sex, either, but wall-kicking, stomach-cramping, it’s-a-contest-to-see-who-screams-first sex, where you have to have the cramps rubbed out of your feet afterwards.

      I dropped ten pounds in two weeks, that way.

        1. One would hope so. A fun side effect of the plan is, the more you pursue it, the more you need to pursue it. It was a nice hobby.

    1. I am, in fact, pleased. A single, extended act of will usually, I find, brings back all of my will. Some very smart person taught me about that.

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