Sweet Irony … Not On My Diet

The nice lady that refills the vending machines just popped into my office.

“Would you like a package of donuts? They’re going to be past their sell-by date next time I’m out, so I’m changing them out now, and no one else wants them.”

I scowled at those donuts for the better part of an hour, despising their presence and craving nothing more than to glory therein. Then I went outside and, keeping an utter stillness in my head, opened the package and dumped the sugary morsels right into the trash can.

If y’all will excuse me, I’ve a need to go kick puppies.

All through this nasty episode, I kept thinking of Michael Girabaldi from B-5. I can’t say why; I’ve got lots more hair than he does.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Irony … Not On My Diet”

  1. Given the timing of this, and your previous post… sometimes I think you live in a world with a much more coherent script than I do.

    1. It was wise of me to dump them into the smoker’s area trash can. I’m still considering digging them out.

      From time to time I give up caffeine for a few weeks, to sort of clear out the system and let my pancreas have a break. Caffeine addiction is a wimpy thing compared to carb addiction. I find that I am tempted to foster a heroin habit, just to vary the misery a bit.

      Heroin would be easy to kick….

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