Words to date: 322.
Miles today: 2 miles of windsprints

Or 11,690, depending on whether Othello is right. Should I be counting words that I’ll be sending off to agents or words of fiction I’ve written? Input is welcome….

3 thoughts on “Scoreboard”

  1. I would personally go with words that are for the completed project… So would that be WtA (Words to Agent)? Maybe count both, WtA and WoF (Words of Fiction). 🙂

  2. your final Words to Agent will probably change upon the final completion. Chances are, no matter how brilliant, you’re going to need a 2nd or 3rd draft. words towards completion is what I would go with… you mentioned in the community a goal of 60k? i think. So words towards the goal. you might overshoot it or end up with a 56k draft… hard to say. It fluctuates, or so i noticed.

    1. In fact, what I told the agent (when I had no idea how long the story would be) was that it would be 75-80k. Why? Because he likes novels between 75 and 100k.

      So now I’m shooting for 80K words, but if it’s 65 or better I’m smiling and mailing it off. If it’s less than 65, I’ll complicate the story some more.

      Need more words? Throw in another horror for the protag.

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