17 thoughts on “Scoreboard”

    1. Well, both. The deer was frightened by the invisible thing with no smell that went –z-zzip! past her in the dark, and I was scared that I’d lose more tomatoes & eggplants.

        1. You are developing an unhealthy fascination for this subject. I’m guessing that when you watch Clan of the Cave Bear you feel flushed, relaxed, and have sore wrists at the end.

          1. Re: I’m Innocent!

            [resisting temptation for the … easy … line]

            It’s easy to poke fun at me. And, apparently rewarding, so it’s all good.

          2. Re: I’m Innocent!

            I am not entirely certain that the mainstream of humanity is going to be rewarded if they see me running naked and armed with primitive weapons through the darkness. Whether I am laughing or not.

          3. Re: I’m Innocent!

            I am sure you would have some psychologists (fully clothed of course) running after you with nice long-sleeved white jacket for you in mainstream humanity caught wind of your (mis)adventures.

          4. Re: I’m Innocent!

            It hasn’t happened so far.

            Although I’m not allowed on mass transit in Corvallis, anymore.

            Or Portland.

            Or Salem.

            Seattle didn’t seem to mind much….

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