A Serious Question

If the [female] body is in the stiff stage of rigor mortis, will the breasts jiggle in a similar manner to a living body? My guess is “yes, to a much lesser degree”, but it’s amazingly difficult to find this particular datum on the web.

[shudder] Even in the necrophilia websites. Yeech.

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  1. since our flesh, fat and all needs the heat/oxygen from the blood circulating through our body, I would imagine that for the most part they wouldn’t jiggle…

    …but then, what do I really know about it, I am not a doctor/Mortician. 😀

  2. Rigor affects the muscles, not the fat and skin. The temperature of the body would probably have more bearing on the behavior of the breasts than the state of rigor.

    1. In the same way that fat on a cold, raw steak is firmer than the fat on a room-temp, raw steak? That makes a certain amount of sense to me…they wouldn’t jiggle so much as move as a solid unit, right at chest level.

      Lovely, icky conversation. I have learned something, though; don’t ask these questions at work.

      Don’t ask the neighbors.

      Don’t ask your aunt.

      1. Re: Off-topic

        Thank you for the kind pointer!

        However, mere money is not enough to get me to volunteer to debug a Windows network, now that I have a full time job where I can generally manage to avoid Windows issues. 🙂

        (I also read his journal myself, but that’s another story. Actually, I once interviewed with Jim for a job at a startup his employer was funding, and that was !@#$ hilarious for both of us. 🙂


  3. I’m thinking that, when the fluids settle in the body, any tissue they ran through will be, well, less fluid. So, yes, what you said; the skin would be more or less static, the surrounding tissues would move less with that delightful harmonic that human bodies do, and the boob would move, basically, like a wad of firm dough sliding back and forth on a greased pie plate, covered with cloth.

    And, may I say here, yeech. I prefer the living ones.

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