It is wonderful to have friends who, when they see me acting like an obnoxious ass, point and say, “obnoxious.” I’d really rather not be an obnoxious ass, or, in fact, any other sort. Except maybe smart.

Thank you, Catie. That was probably the absolute best word to cut through the nastiness I was swathed in.

5 thoughts on “Bile”

      1. He’s right. It was more petty, immature snarling than actual clever obnoxiousness. But it was insensitive and misplaced, so there’s that.

    1. I missed it too. Well, at least the specific incident that he is mentioning above.

      I think he was disappointed that I wasn’t a basket case after Crater Lake.

      1. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed you weren’t in your usual walking coma. I brought Bridgette up to point and laugh, and you were in tolerably good shape, if not actually energetic.

        It was still good to spend time with you, even if you were conscious for it….

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