Subtlety / Obscurity

I’d like to pick the minds of the Brain Trust, if I may.

I monitor bad_sex. The pathology of that practice need not concern us at this time.

Yesterday, a discussion on penile fracturing came up — I expect there will be unintended innuendo running rampant through this post. Deal — and a website was referenced indicating, along with other information, that in the middle east the most common cause of penil fracture is “physical manipulation of the penis to remove erection.”


I was bored, and shot my wad into the middle of things, here. It was a bald-faced fabrication, which I then supported with a web page that I got up.

Also fine. Lying, bald-faced, is one of my hobbies, and I fully expect to be called on it and renounced as a burden to society when I pursue it.

No one. Not. One. Person. Called me on it.

This, in a community that tends to leap at the opportunity to heckle, name-call, fault-find, and otherwise confront.

Was I too subtle? Was I too believable? Or was I simply mistaking obscurity for subtlety, something I am sometimes prone to do?

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