Subtlety / Obscurity

I’d like to pick the minds of the Brain Trust, if I may.

I monitor bad_sex. The pathology of that practice need not concern us at this time.

Yesterday, a discussion on penile fracturing came up — I expect there will be unintended innuendo running rampant through this post. Deal — and a website was referenced indicating, along with other information, that in the middle east the most common cause of penil fracture is “physical manipulation of the penis to remove erection.”


I was bored, and shot my wad into the middle of things, here. It was a bald-faced fabrication, which I then supported with a web page that I got up.

Also fine. Lying, bald-faced, is one of my hobbies, and I fully expect to be called on it and renounced as a burden to society when I pursue it.

No one. Not. One. Person. Called me on it.

This, in a community that tends to leap at the opportunity to heckle, name-call, fault-find, and otherwise confront.

Was I too subtle? Was I too believable? Or was I simply mistaking obscurity for subtlety, something I am sometimes prone to do?

11 thoughts on “Subtlety / Obscurity”

  1. perhaps BECAUSE you are a monitor, they trust and believe you, as a leader. You’re like Jesus.

    OR.. people were too lazy to actually look at the link and/or care about its validity. Apathy is a huge problem in today’s society.

    1. I’ll go with the apathy. I monitor the community only in the sense that I read the posts; I’ve no official standing in bad_sex.

        1. Yes, I can see that. I get that quite a lot, actually.

          Er. What?


          Because I was sacrificed on the cross of bad_sex, that all mankind might be cleansed of the their own self-inflicted bad_sex?

          1. “Blessed are those who are horney and alone, for they shall inherit the kingdom of porn…” 1 mnarra 3:21-23

          2. I love that word… gaffaw. I need to use it more often.

            I’m it as far as sentience is concerned here… haha. I’m finding that I work with REALLY REALLY conservative christians, who cannot form an idea for themselves. They are threatened by me, so this will make work interesting… One of them already claimed that I’m going to convert (odd thing is, I’m catholic. Appearently that isn’t good enough?).

          3. No, that isn’t good enough.

            Idaho is the land of neo-nazis, fundamentalist hardcore communities, and conformity. Please be very, very careful while you are there. Going goth, for instance, would not fall under the heading of “being careful.”

            You might want to update your resume, just in case you feel the need to leave abruptly.

          4. I’ve come to notice the fundamentalism and neo-nazi camps around here…

            Trust me, one thing I never do is compromise my standards, morals, and self. My grandmother is a Seventh-Day Adventist, and has tried to convert me for years… and yet, I am not SDA nor am I a Goth. 🙂

            Thanks for the tip!

          5. Oh, I’m not worried about your conversion. Convert if you like; I know some very smart SDA’s and goths. But beware of pograms.

            I’ll light an anti-pogram candle in your name….

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