List of Symptoms

Not a comprehensive list.

  • Missing days of writing

  • Low word count when I do
  • Low enthusiasm over what I’ve written
  • Writing for bad_sex – attention whore & not productive at work or for book
  • Very low energy
  • Low, low, low concentration
  • You don’t want to hear it; just say “Very low energy” again
  • Grouchy
  • Despondent over prospects; work, writing, schedule…
  • Not singing around the house
  • Playing video games – I haven’t done this since I lived at SIK house
  • Intermittent whining about not wanting to be supporting cast, without knowing just what I mean by that
  • Just noticed: doing something just for the love isn’t adequate. It must be ‘productive’ to some goal or another. eg writing for bad_sex
  • Not updating my journal – It’s unusual for me to shut up

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