List of Symptoms

Not a comprehensive list.

  • Missing days of writing

  • Low word count when I do
  • Low enthusiasm over what I’ve written
  • Writing for bad_sex – attention whore & not productive at work or for book
  • Very low energy
  • Low, low, low concentration
  • You don’t want to hear it; just say “Very low energy” again
  • Grouchy
  • Despondent over prospects; work, writing, schedule…
  • Not singing around the house
  • Playing video games – I haven’t done this since I lived at SIK house
  • Intermittent whining about not wanting to be supporting cast, without knowing just what I mean by that
  • Just noticed: doing something just for the love isn’t adequate. It must be ‘productive’ to some goal or another. eg writing for bad_sex
  • Not updating my journal – It’s unusual for me to shut up

9 thoughts on “List of Symptoms”

  1. Beat torpor with a stick. She’s a mardy, greedy bugger (she has a taste for talented, lively people, and a sticky grip).


    1. Torpor is not merely a mardy, greedy bugger; she has a tendancy to stand in the way, occluding my view of actual problems while simultaneously blocking my way to their solution. I’m going to intimately violate Torpor….

      …if I can work up the energy….

          1. I need to point out that was just you.

            Though, in retrospect, using the phrase “beat off” could have been better advised…

  2. You need ogre strength, to pick yourself up by the scruff of your own neck. I prescribe, as you no doubt have guessed, more exercise. Go for hikes or something. Watch the sunrise from that beautiful view you have there.

    1. Ah! Reminds me of another symptom:

      • Sufficient will to run at lunch frequently lacking

      That one was a danger sign, as well; running for a few miles tends to burn off ennui and wrong-headedness.

    2. I live in a little bowl made by the hills around the house. There’s a little 4.5 mile loop over the top of one that crests onto a view of the entire valley…I haven’t been able to run it; the time and energy needed don’t coincide, so far.

      Still working on this….

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