Math Is Hard

Tedium follows. I need this to think with; feel free to give it a miss.

Weekly time requirements

Gotta – things I have little choice in:

Prep for Work = 1 hour x 5
Work = 9 hours x 5
Commute = 2 hours x 5
Sleep = (7 hours x 5) + (9 hours x 2)

Wanta – for me to feel like I’m who I need to be:

Write = 10 hours
Exercise = 6 hours
Decompress = 1 hour x 5
Cook = 1 hour x 4.5
Eat (with family, while not multi-tasking) = .5 hour x 7

Should – The things that prey on my mind:

Bathroom = 2
Studs = 2
Garden = 2
Housekeeping = .5 hours x 5 + 2 hours

I feel like I should schedule sex in there, as I go insane without, but I get a sense that scheduling sex is not in anyone’s best interest.

I’m showing 152.5 hours a week spoken for, here, with 15.5 hours leftover for watching a movie, sex, talking, reading a book, email, whatever.

My daily totals show 22.5 hours per day spoken for, leaving me 90 minutes to write, exercise, have sex, talk, read, whatever, every day. This means that, on any given weekday, I will have to choose one of those activities, but that I’ll get one of them every weekday.

What I apparently need to do is, on the weekend, spend the requisite times on each of the ’should’ tasks, plus my writing and whatever exercise I haven’t gotten, without spending more time than is permitted by the schedule.

So, in theory, this can work, and I can make progress on everything important every week, if not every day.

Except that I only get a few minutes more than an hour unstructured each day. I’m already feeling like every moment of every day has enormous weight, and that every damned thing I do has other things hinging on it. If I structure all but 7.5 hours of my time, I think that would be accentuated.

This isn’t the way to do this. I haven’t scheduled out a life that, fifty years from now, I will be proud and happy to have lived.

More thinking is called for.

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