Sea Level

My base assumptions are:

I can resolve any internal problem with reasoning and applied will. If, for instance, I exhibit OCD trends, I expect that iron will and close attention can overcome it. I do not assume this for anyone else.

The basic conditions of my life are wonderful. Every last one of my loved ones has the opportunity and support they need, and each of them behaves with affection, acceptance, and support toward me. Some of them behave so wonderfully toward me that I am in constant astonishment. I am beloved far beyond what I believe my worth to be.

I have truly amazing opportunities that were basically handed to me. I live on 10 acres that I may treat as I wish, a house that I may remake to suit me, I have, ferchrissake, an agent willing to look at my manuscript when it’s written (Aberdeen, have I thanked you for that today? Thank you.), a chore that I (in theory) love.

I’m good, frequently very good, at what I decide to do.

So. I’m feeling badly for me, but the fact is that my life is wonderful. I am not looking at my life and leaking tears that I have to live such an ugly thing to its dreary end.

That does not keep me from self-pity, but there you are.

So. We return to self-vivesection, already in progress.

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