Philisophical Fruit

I’ve been ruminating over my time issues, and tiredness issues, and so forth. I think, in general, unhappiness has at its root some combination of three general causes.

  1. Undesireable Situation

  2. Inappropriate Behavior
  3. Inappropriate Thinking

Item 1 is the only one that is entirely Not My Fault, although it is often, to some degree, My Fault, even if only because I permit the situtation to continue. Whoever “Me” is. Item 2 would include such things as “promising things that one can’t deliver”, “drinking too much”, or “commiting the sin of Onan using mazola oil and a stray cat while having tea with the vicar.” Item 3 would be all the stuff that Dr. Phil goes on about.

Yes, I really do approach my everday issues this way. Understanding the philosophy/gestalt/big picture/mystic patternings of things lets one see more clearly when the departures from the pattern occur.

Right. So. Three categories of Issue. Fine.

My Undesireable Situation is that I have more to do than I can reasonably do without some form of self-injuring behaviors, but the things I’ve to do are too important to me to give up.

My Inappropriate Behaviors can be generalized as (but are certainly not limited to) behaving as if I have no limits on time, energy, and focus.

My Inappropriate Thinking is the basis of my Inappropriate Behaviors, and, as is my norm, has to do with believing: my needs may not have negative impact on other people; I will always behave as I have behaved in the past; my situation will always be just as it is today; I am from the planet Krypton, and am possessed of powers far beyond those of mere men.

All right, that last is true, but I shouldn’t be thinking about it. There’s things to do.

I’ve rather lost my train of thought. I’m doing too many things while writing this, and have taken too many hours-long breaks to keep track. This seemed to me to be important, for some reason, so I’ll leave it and move on.

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