Swivel Chair Gridlock

We have three computers in the house. We have three people in the house. This would seem to be ample provision for computer access for three people with various degrees of geekneed(TM), but it seems not to be. Because:

  • Writing happens at the window desk, which has the printer & desk space

  • Internet is at the window desk because the computer is clean and protected
  • Homework happens at the window desk for the same reason writing does
  • Games & Music happen at the other desk, which is trashed with crapware
  • Games and garden issues happen at the laptop

In theory, all we need to do is work at any computer and transfer files on disk…but theory doesn’t seem to take. I do my best work at the window desk. I can only just barely work on the laptop at all, and have some serious issues working at the other desk due to the speakers and the depth of adware infection, which slows that machine down heavily.

We plan to network the living room, which will make us more workstation independant…but don’t dare until the other desk computer is cleaned up, which (it is beginning to appear) requires a mindwipe of the hard drive and reload. Othello either needs to burn numerous CDs of music & video or resign himself to losing enormous amounts of media.


I may devote this evening to working to clean Othello’s computer enough that we dare network it with clean computers. Hours of deep geeking after work do not make for a cheering prospect, but networking will make it more likely that I will write regardless which computer is open. One More Thing will be out of the way. Okay. That’s tonight, then.

2 thoughts on “Swivel Chair Gridlock”

  1. Have you considered commercial cleansing software for the secondary desktop? As far as investment in time and energy, it might be economical.

    1. I have. So far, the depth of infestation seems to overpower cleansing software. My intention is to bring such things as Hijack This and Killbox, jumping back and forth from safe mode to normal mode, and other such things that require meat interface.

      Something I am considering, however, is purchasing a flashdrive and speeding the transfer of media files, then just wiping the machine. That might be the most efficient direction to go….

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