I am like unto a god. A god with horrid coffee-fur on his teeth, and a mild sinus headache. But a god, nonetheless.

I brought home my seven favorite computer-surgery programs and wrought software hell upon adware, malware and two (!) viruses in Othello’s computer. Much time was spent looking up processes on the other computer and then marking them for deletion. And the computer is clean.

I believe that this weekend I will take some time and a few dollars and build us a cheap-and-dirty network, which will make the workstations at home more multipurpose. I am pleased.

I also may be returning to my wake-up-early and write-before-work schedule. By the end of the day I am too frequently tapped out to make writing a realistic possiblity. Dunno. I’ll see, I imagine.

13 thoughts on “Clean!”

  1. A god with horrid coffee-fur on his teeth, and a mild sinus headache.

    I stronly dislike ‘any kind of fur’ on my teeth when I wake up. 🙂

    1. Right there with you. The fur has been shorn. The headache blossoms and grows, spreading fractal pain across my forehead, and strange things are transpiring behind my navel, to the accompaniment of gurgles and sharp pains, that I think I just won’t go into.

      All that said, I’m having a very nice day. I rise, apparently, above my biology.

  2. You are indeed like unto a god, but it has nothing to do with your mighty computer fu, or where your fur grows.

    1. Think not the less of me should my omniscience, for the moment, be on the blink. Should that have been “shalt” instead of “shall”? How does one sort out archaic pronouns and passive verbs, anyway?

        1. Lovely to have someone recognize High Literature.

          I suspect that a normal dictionary would show me the guidelines, as well, but that would require looking. One of my stature should have lackeys doing that sort of thing.

          1. For that very reason I restrained my index finger from reaching for the Google bookmark. It hurt me worse than it hurt you .

          2. Yes, the effort would not merely be Hurculean; it would be demeaning. *sigh* How convenience suffers for the cause of laziness status.

        1. I believe that there must be a singular pronoun (you) as well as a formal singular pronoun (thou), although I’ve not delved into it in the least. I seem to recall reading something about it years ago.

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