Choose New Spells

I apparently have, over the weekend, gained enough experience points that I have gone up a level.

[Pause while a hush falls over the crowd, awed and appalled by the overt geekness of it all]

Friday I fought with a computer at work that was infected with some unnamed virus. I have been fighting this particular computer for a week or so, and keeping things from getting worse without resolving the problem. Frustrating. I spent two hours Friday afternoon, trying to find a way to finally remove the beast, all to no avail.

Monday I cleaned out Othello’s computer, deeply infected with a variety of bugs, in two hours. Tuesday I walked into the office, returned to the offending computer, and cleaned it up in 45 minutes. Tuesday at lunch someone brought me their personal laptop, infected with something Norton wouldn’t remove, and in 45 minutes had researched it, tried three layers of correction, and cleaned it up.

Friday: Impotent
Monday: Potent
Tuesday: Competent

I experienced a step increase in my powers and abilities. I can only assume that I am a character in AD&D, multiclassed with “computer geek” as one of my classes, and I have gone up a level. Good thing; I’ve some fairly nasty things I must do in Crystal Reports (no relation to Zelda).

[rubs hands] Now I just need to figure out how to Level in my Writer class….

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