Arbeit Macht Frei

The slogan above, “Freedom Through Work”, was posted above the Dachau concentration camp. It ought to be posted above the American concentration camps, as well, but we apparently haven’t the sense of irony that the Third Reich had.

We are enslaving the remaindered of our society. I don’t claim to comprehend this. It is too far outside my experience. The worst bigotry I’ve every encountered was being the smart kid in an inbred farm community. This is…this is the Fourth Reich.

I don’t think this would happen in Southern Oregon. If Katrina had hit Medford, we wouldn’t be pulling black people off the streets and interning them for work crews.

We would pull hispanic people instead.

In general, I believe that discrimination should be fought grassroots fashion. I think that passing along words saying “look! How awful!” and then going back to one’s life of relative luxury is self-deluding, letting one pretend that one has done something significant to correct the problem. If this were happening here, I like to think I would try to shed light on it (and probably get arrested for doing so)…I don’t know what to do.

You all are a creative bunch. What else is there to do besides drop letters to state reps?

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