The World Spins Faster

Orycon is barrelling down upon us like some menacing and out of control simile. I have left the bowl of the mountains and gone to Portland for a class in Crystal Reports, a good thing for me to know if an unpleasant thing to learn. I have flown and bussed and endured the first five hours of my day…only 14 left to go.

EDIT 10:23 — This class has already paid for itself, I think, in saved time after I design three reports to detect errors and suggest corrections in data files. I may convert to the minority that likes Crystal Reporting.

EDIT 15:00 — More good things learned. I’m finishing the exercises early and using the time left to design the reports I’ll build when I get home. I figure there’s only so many Ducks Of Vengence, no point in frivoling them away when I have better things to write. Walked to lunch, took an alternate route back, adding about 1.5 miles and making me 20 minutes late. No losses; I seem able to retrieve what I need from the workbook.

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