All Done


A quick comparison is useful, here, between this time a year ago and now:

1 Year Ago:
–Othello took two classes per term, and passed one each term
–He spent significant time hiding in his room or on the roof
–He was living with a meth addict

–Othello is taking an overload courseload, and received A’s in all but two classes.
–He spends his evenings in the living room playing with Bridgette & I or reading
–He lives with people smart enough to keep up with him and play with him

The judge signed papers on Hallowe’en that state that Othello is in my custody, and that I exert sole parental control.

No more fighting. No more stressing about papers. No more $$$$ for lawyer. No more trips to the Benton County Courthouse.

We. Are. Done.

25 thoughts on “All Done”

        1. Oh. Well then.

          In fairness, I have to say that Ma powered the situation and Bridgette was nothing but supportive throughout. I’ve no way to tell what would have happened without either one of them doing what they did.

          We three are mighty.

          1. It will be a day on which many people are SEEN. And there shall be much seeing. And the L*rd will see the seeing, and the seeing will be GOOD.

          2. AND there will be many capital LETTERS. Which must be PRONOUNCED and the GIGGLED OVER.

            Oh, my, this is going to be a giggly-silly con, I can tell already.

          1. <3 you! Just finished Banshee Cries! Woo! It was kind of weird, with the two straight fantasy stories and then your urban fantasy at the end, but good weird. (:

          2. Yah, *completely* different kinds of stories. I think if I’d been laying the book out I might’ve sandwiched mine between the other two, so it wasn’t straight-fantasy-straight-fantasy-urban-fantasy, but, eh, they’re in alphabetical order, so it’s not like I can fault that. 🙂

    1. Us, too. The kids won’t notice it, mostly, which means we’ve been doing things right.

      But, dear gawd, what a load off the rest of us.

    1. In fact, yay!

      While I was sorry you weren’t at Orycon, I have to say that this was the one to miss. Geography sucked gently at the enjoyability of the con, in the same way black holes do at passing atoms; slurped in and crushed.

      1. Well, I was planning on going for the people, with an occasional costuming panel to watch Chrisber in action. People are cool. Cons are almost entirely people vectors for me, so the suckiness would have been beyond me save for where it clashed with my hobby (I like people, especially ones that I already like…).

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