The Hits Keep Comin’

The CEO just called me into his office.

I have just been promoted.

No extra $$, but, instead of sitting quietly in my hole waiting for emergencies and plugging away at data entry, I will be putting out calls for bids on subcontracts, help create the estimates that I have been correcting for the last 14 months, and begin working toward bigger and better things.

The main perk, as far as I’m concerned, is I am much less likely to end my day grumpily feeling that I did nothing of worth that an adequately trained monkey with good social skills couldn’t have done. I stress rather a lot over feeling that I’m wasting my life, and eleven hours a day that has the sole benefit of bringing me a check is perilously close to that. This will help lose that stress from my day.

Even better, since I will have job duties that construction people understand and value, I can feel like less of an imposter. Less fear of being downsized because they don’t understand how much I keep chaos at bay, that’s a good thing.

What a very nice day this is turning out to be.

Now, the thought rises: How can I use this to improve my writing performance? Will less stress equal more energy?

14 thoughts on “The Hits Keep Comin’”

    1. Or both. I will be arriving circa 5ish…or 6ish. I will be glorying in the company of my daughter for a time tomorrow afternoon (the first time I’ve gotten to see her since she was a single girl), and that will take the time it takes. But I will be there for the evening.

  1. Keen! Hopefully they can cut back your hours a bit too. 11 hours a day sucks. (I know because I have to do it every so often.)

    1. Probably not. I only work 8, but have a mandatory hour unpaid lunch, and two hours of commute; 11 hours of the day shot neatly in the forehead. I’ll settle for better feelings, less stress, and more energy; when I’ve the energy, I am very like a god in all ways but one, in which I am more like a horse.

      1. […] I am very like a god in all ways but one, in which I am more like a horse.

        You do realize I’m going to expect to be able to confirm or deny that for myself this weekend.

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