Let’s All Leave!

This (perhaps inadvertent) meme was yoinked from kalischild:

I’m not at work.

I’m in a plush suite overlooking clear-skied forest, scattered crumbs of pastry and an open leather-bound book on the polished-cherry table next to me, sipping coffee so aromatic and smooth that it seems like flavored air.

I’m not at work.

I’m poking my head from my sleeping bag into the sharp morning air high on a mountainside, red hair pooling around the top of the sleeping bag next to mine.

I’m not at work.

I’m jittery with excitement as the four-seater plane circles down to land at a tiny northern airstrip, a double-handful of houses strung, beadlike, along the boardwalk trailing away toward the river.

I’m not at work.

I’m climbing a goat-steep trail in dew-soaked pants, rising above the fog layer to see morning sun shattering off of saw-toothed winterclad peaks.





Where are you?

4 thoughts on “Let’s All Leave!”

  1. I’m am not at work.

    I am sitting in a garret room staring out the windo that overlooks a vast fir forest. The gentle sunlight plays aagainst the walls as I sip strong coffee, surrounded by furry friends. From the wwindow, I can hear the brook outside chattering away as he travels down to meet his friends below.

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