When time & creativity are both at low ebb —
Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that’s your “Year In Review.”

January: Bridgette has begun the Master Gardener’s class at the OSU extension center.

February: Sunday I wrote 650 words on my short story, knew what came next, but chose, instead, to work on various necessary things around the house.

March: The waters are still stormy-bearded and froward, but my head is well above them, now.

April: I came to Corvallis to go to court with Othello.

May: The aftermath of Pop-pops being very quiet, burning up, and spreading over the Pacific bore a benefit; I was elected to call my godfather, Doug, and tell him the news.

June: Peak is doing something odd, and I can’t get my email from that account

July: Words to date: 8228

August: The morning’s words were more than they seem; there was much rewriting, and the new coherency to the work should ease adding words tomorrow.

September: Words to agent: 14,133

October: Meme picked up from mizkit: Post the first few sentences of various things I intend to finish someday.

November: There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel that no one else has a right to blame us.

December: I am pleased to note that I am becoming less properly constituted, more unhealthy and indecent, and am profiting in the expected fashion thereby.

2005: I am pleased to see writing crop up as much as it did. I am unsurprised to see the amount of self-mulling. And, I am in moderate awe at how much has happened this year. Custody, deaths, weddings, agents, classes, promotions…progress.

I feel that there has been a change begun from why to do something (and why I don’t) to how to do something, in spite of the why. Good. I’ve a notebook in my backpack calling out to me to go work on that change some more.

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        1. He’s going to be so irritated that I’ve been pimping him out again. I’ve got to stop this….

          After I show him your pics.

        1. ‘S’truth. Although I think that actually has dibs over you…as I said, the line forms to the right. The boy seems to be in fair demand this year.

          I blame my influence.

    1. :laughing: Did I tell you? Did I?

      You should decide what you want to do about that. My feelings are that you don’t seem to have an emotional connection here; you could treat it as a mutual, ah, service opportunity.

      1. Well.
        I think I’m starting to develop an emotional attachment to him, just because that’s what happens when I hook up with someone more than once. I find myself wishing sometimes that I was his girlfriend cause, well, it’s good stuff. But yeah…

        Oh, he said last night, that there wouldn’t be another next time, again.

        Lets see how long that lasts.

        1. I think we can take as given that anything he says is just air.

          I also think you should consider what kind of boyfriend he is for his girlfriend right now. Do you want that kind of boyfriend, the kind who not only won’t keep it in his pants, but can’t seem to stick to his word on whether he will or not?

          He’s obviously not worried about keeping his word or caring for the people he says he loves. Don’t let him get close to you that way, or you’ll get the same treatment. The way things are now, at least he can’t wrong you.

          1. haha. I dont want to be his girlfriend, really. The only reason i would want to be with him anyways is for the sex, cause it’s good. I would be quite happy having him as a fuck-buddy, seeing as that’s what I want him for anyways ^_____^

          2. Then you don’t have an issue, I think. With the possible exception that you can’t trust him to come across when you want him to.

          3. One suspects that there are other gentlmen about with the appropriate equipment. You are, after all, spending time on a college campus. Smile at strangers a lot, you’ll find your bounce-buddies.

          4. My predicament lies here:

            A.) I dont live on campus.
            B.) It is currently winter break.

            Therefore, I dont have any access to the menfolk.

            Plus, I dont like messing around with people at school, ’cause things fly around the social network and it’ll get back to my sorority that I’m a dirty ho. Then, I’ll get taken to Standards and given a chat about that which is something that I dont feel like doing. Heh.

            Basically: School = off limits.

            Which is why Myspace is my best friend. Hehehehe.

          5. Well my sorority just doesn’t want us to get a bad name for ourselves.

            Do you have any messengers you could message me on?
            My usernames are all in my userinfo. It’s just weird commenting 😛

          6. Nope. I’m message-less for at least another eight hours. I rarely spend enough time actively fiddling with the intraweb to make messaging worthwhile.

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