I didn’t do this.

This is not my fault. I was willing to go cheaply. I tried to go cheaply. She pumped things up, not me. I didn’t.

I didn’t roll over. But I’m not required to.

Zelda has gotten her bill from the State. She’s beating up Othello.

This. Is not. My. Fault.

Oh, balls.

4 thoughts on “I didn’t do this.”

  1. Oh good, more maturation for Othello. It’s for his own good, you know. Teach him to detach and shrug.

    I hope he hasn’t inherited your late, unlamented inclination to cling to pain.

    1. “Oh, no, not another learning experience!” Exactly.

      He doesn’t seem as prone as I am (was?) to self-flagellation. He is, however, prone to trying to make everyone around him feel better. Which I’ll detail later today.

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