Early morning — Puppy exploded again in two particulars. I’m hoping this is an arithmetic puppy instead of a exponential puppy.
10:15 — Incredibly busy. Taking a break anyway RIGHT NOW. Four interruptions & 8 minutes writing. I’m happy.
12:15 — 20 minutes at lunch. Still had plenty o’ time to read for a few minutes and sit like a lump.

3 thoughts on “Scoreboard”

    1. Oh, the puppy is as well as puppies can be. He’s discovered how to escape from Siberia (where puppies go during working hours), and runs around the neighborhood eating garbage and Dead Stinky Things. He comes home with a round & bulging tummy each night.

      Hopefully I’ve curtailed that; I modified Siberia significantly this morning after I’d washed the carpets. I’m tired of happy, well-fed, diarrhetic puppies that aren’t home until they damned well feel like it.

      Bad puppies.

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