Just Bein’ Happy

Last night I exerted myself sufficiently to stimulate metabolism, then went home where I:

Was astonished at what our refugee/houseguest had done, organizing the shop
Repaired Siberia, where the puppies had burst through the fence
Mixed a drink
Made soup from leftovers, quickly and elegantly
Wrote and sipped while soup simmered
Mixed another drink for after dinner, and placed it on the table where I write
Served dinner with spinach/feta bread and aplomb
Enjoyed chatting with wife & boy
Sat next to my drink, open notebook, and Pen
Wrote 150% of my daily requirement
Went to bed happy
Slept badly but didn’t mind.

This morning I:

Rose groggily
Dressed quickly
Fed puppies
Started a fire
Released puppies to course outside and release
Started morning food & drink
Noted it was only 6:25
Wrote for 15 minutes
Noted the time, and that no one was up yet
Decided they could sod off
Wrote for another 15 minutes, sipping tea, admiring the sunrise, and watching the page fill
Collected sleepy wife & boy and came to work

A question for the teeming millions: What does dried blood smell like?

4 thoughts on “Just Bein’ Happy”

  1. Smells are hard to describe. Have you ever seen that one Calvin and Hobbes where they decide that autumn leaves smell “brunky?”

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