Splashes From The Gene Pool

smokeyal8r called me last night. She is knocked up. I shrieked and wow’ed. Her larva will be produced, in theory, the day after Bridgette’s birthday, early September. I talked with her a bit, and she explained that, yes, she knows how it happened. And she knows for sure who the mother is.

Othello and I discussed, at length, what colors to paint the child, and in what patterns. Plaid, we feel, would not do a person that short and round justice, but paisley should be attractive in a ’60s sort of way. We’re also working on recipes for when the child is plumped up a bit.

Lots of emotional by-play, but I haven’t time. More, undoubtedly, later.

10 thoughts on “Splashes From The Gene Pool”

  1. ‘knocked up’ is one of my favourite phrases. seriously, and respectfully of course. but it does make me giggle. i can’t wait to get knocked up. haha. seriously.

    1. The Girl was actually a bit put off by the timing, but she’s got the perfect mindset to be a terrific parent who can still have a life — she’s scared to death at what’s going to happen to her life, and terrified that it means that her life isn’t hers anymore.


      1. oh, understandably shocking. responsible for a human… rather huge.

        mostly, i enjoyed your choice of words, while still understanding the severity of the situation 😐

  2. not so put off anymore, now i am mostly excited with bits okay lots of sick crap all day. In brighter news My tummy is getting hard where the baby is, it’s kinda cool to feel something there.

    1. Nope. Sorry. I’ve decided, and that’s it. Silly things like other people’s thoughts on the matter — or the chromosomes of the kid — are irrelevant when up against my whims.

        1. I wanted Michael to be named “Random”. Care to step up to the plate, here? It’s better than “Elijah”….

          You sound much better than you have. Good job.

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