The Coyote Medicine Raises Me In Its Paw

I am not, in general, given to dreams of spritual depth and profundity, but I woke two days ago with a disturbing, ah, experience still with me. Neither the the experience nor the deep unsettle have gone away. Hopefully, writing will either expand or exorcise my awareness. Anyway.

Old Man Coyote is a 50ish urban professional, dressed in shirt sleeves and slacks, with a tidy haircut and quiet glasses. He is sitting with me in an technical, professional setting, someplace in the upper levels of engineering; long tables in the public areas, people moving about with quiet competence as they go about tasks that are not immediately recognizeable, like people at a Nasa mission control arena. In fact, that is the flavor, but no mission could be in progress right now; there is no quiet tension. He has a pad of engineering graph paper between us and is marking on it with a mechanical pencil, drawing diagrams, jotting notes, connecting concepts, all in a very careful fashion. We are working on important stuff, here, and I get a sense that I am being briefed for something. I know that it is Coyote talking to me, but I also know that, for this instance only, things are just what they seem and I am not being taken for a ride. There is no trap, nothing…ah. It is safe, here and now, maybe the only time ever, to accept what Coyote is telling me at face value.

This briefing went on for a long time. I can remember episodes of the discussion, questioning periods, revisiting key concepts…but I can’t tell you anything about what was said. It’s as if the soundtrack was erased from my memory of the dream. And, all the while, there are these mysterious functionaries moving around us, carrying clipboards or manuscripts or boxes of supplies, all doing something that I feel is related to what I was being briefed on.

That’s it. No great plays of colors and light, no wonderous vision, not even a bug-eyed monster to chase me through hallways that stretch forever while I run myself to hypoxia without gaining any ground. Nothing. I think the things that trouble me about this dream is there was nothing to be distrubed about, here…and, if I’m to have some spiritual experience, Coyote is perhaps not the easiest path to be taking.

I mean, Coyote is more or less the patron god of learning things the hard way…or failing to learn things the hard way.