Let’s just check the obvious, next time

Note to self, which will probably be lost and forgotten when I need it again.

I don’t need drugs. I don’t need to get drunk. I don’t need a day off, per se. I need sleep.

Lots of sleep. Naps, then forty winks, then a night of the deep & restful, then naps in the morning after lolling for a while, a siesta, then a nap, and then another night of sleep, lovely sleep.

I am perky. I am pert. I am jovial and creative and clever and wise and tolerant and pleasant and lemon-scented. Because I had sleep.

Next time I’m grouching, I am going to try to check to see when I last slept eight hours in a row.

8 thoughts on “Let’s just check the obvious, next time”

  1. You know, a day off can lead pretty directly to being caught up on sleep. This is a fine and noble thing to do once in a rare while.

    1. It can, and it did. Mostly I fill my days off to bursting rather than rest, but this weekend I did damned little, and liked it, and did more. I used to be able to go years without sleep, but those days are past.

      Maybe I need to recharge my blue shirt with the big red S.

    1. Exactly. The first thing that goes is perspective, then enthusiasm, then creativity. At which point I can’t for the life of me write a damned thing, can’t bring myself to try, and can’t figure out what’s wrong.

      This appears to be one of the things I repeat. I’m told that my troughs are becoming less, but I’d really just rather be done with them entirely.

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