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Tonight I arrived home, collected my business partner (that would be the wife) and we drove off to discuss gardening needs with a lovely pair of men recently moved to the Rogue Valley. And sold them a package of landscaping for $3,500, should take us about three days to do.

*jaw drops*

That was properly estimated, with hourly wages paid each of us and a moderate profit (17%) to the business.

Three of those a month and we don’t have to have jobs. Six a month and we don’t have to have jobs in the winter, either.

*jaw drops some more*

Of course, that supposes that we actually find and get more jobs, but the first one is necessary to have before one has the fortieth one.


13 thoughts on “Dig It”

    1. Well, one doesn’t get the $3,500. About half of that is materials, some more goes to rental equipment, and gasoline, and blah blah blah.

      But. There is still a tidy paycheck at the end of the day, and the business makes a profit (which is different from Bridgette & I getting the money).

      1. Do not forget that if you are self-employed, you will have a HUGE self-employment tax. Ask Kit about that.

        So, yes. Way cool. And wait until you have closer $3,500/mo profit before you decide to quit the day job. (;

        1. That’s actually one of the reasons for paying us each a paycheck. It makes the viability of living on the business very quantifiable.

    1. We do all right. We are both employees of Garden Dreams, and so get paid, and are co-owners, so glean the profits. At this stage the profits go back into the company so we’re better set for future jobs, but eventually that could change and profit could be foxed out of the company and into pockets.

      And the work is fun, which is nice, too.

  1. Blimey, fella. {crosses various extremities for you for further goodness of a gardening-contract nature}

    Eeeeeh! And that would leave loads of writing-time too, huh?

    1. That is exactly what it would leave. ‘Course, right now it leaves me with actually less writing time for two weekends, but that’s only the case until there is either enough work to take me away from here or enough work that Bridgette hires laborers to do everything that I’m doing except the estimating.

  2. WOOHOO for you! YAY!

    So, you gonna be a gardener like Forrest Gump? But, y’know, he cut the grass for free because he liked doing it so much. 😉

    1. I don’t work for free. I get hourly & benefits.

      Stop smirking.

      I’m labor on this job, and probably for a while yet to come, but the service I provide that can’t be hired out is estimating. That part is fun, and I’m likely to keep doing it whether the labor is hired out or not.

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