Here are the things that I let distract me from writing: family, obligation, friends, internet, books, TV, chores. If I sit in a coffee shop, I can write for as long as my bladder holds out — unless someone came with me.

Where does one go to find a small room with a door, without a television, internet connection, telephone, family, or friends? I am going to go Away a day or four each month, not over night, just get up in the morning, leave, hide, write for a day, come home for dinner.

But where?

The library here is all open spaces, not even any study carrels. Maybe a church library — no one goes to those. Where does one find a small room to sit in and write? Is a coffee shop the best I’ll find? I’d just as soon not add “lots of drinks & pastries” to the distraction list; I’ll be jittery and fat.

EDIT: I am trying to overcome to many of my issues (by exertion of will) at one time, and am trying to resolve some of my issues by temporary relocation. Once I have the immediate writing issues resolved, I’ll work on the avoidance behaviors and prioritization problems.

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