The Clue-Hammer is large, and my head is flat

Mizkit learned about hobbies, and shared.

Writing, for me, is wonderously fun. I’m a narcissist, and writing is the ultimate self-indulgence, wallowing in one’s own imagination. Later, I get to read what I wrote, and admire my mad skillz on the page. I share what I write, and strong men fall to their knees, tears streaming, while their women claw at their clothing.

So, yeah. Narcissist, and writing most certainly feeds that. So, good hobby for me. Good obsession for me. Lovely job for me, when I can make it support me.

Right now I have another job.

But I keep treating writing like my job, since I am serious about making it support me.

Two jobs. No wonder I keep forgetting to have fun at this.

Well. That’s all. Nothing terribly deep, just needed to throw some feed out for the inner narcissist.

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