Just noticed:

I’m moderately proud of myself today. I’m doing an excellent job of being Scott.

11 thoughts on “Just noticed:”

    1. Grand idea. I shall give me a raise of 1 minute per hour, and treat me to a clap on the back and a drink. In 15 minutes or so.

      1. I’d go so far as to say you’re my favorite living Scott. Not that you have much competition…the other one is a ferret smuggler.

  1. You are a most excellent Scott. And we have known this for quite a while. I am glad that your brain finally recognized it.

    1. *beams* And, I am possessed of a capacity for joy and delight. I am. Catie said so, and Ma and Shannon told me I was not terribly bright for not knowing it, so I know it must be true.

      To celebrate, I played peanut-rolling in the restaurant we went to for lunch, until the waitress looked cross and confused and Shannon made me stop. Party pooper.

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