Anyone out there have any experience with hypnosis, and willing to chat with me about it?

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  1. I was hypnotized once at a bachelorette party; that’s about the extent of my experience with it. I’d be interested in learning more about it, it was a very interesting experience.

  2. Sure. Give me a time to call you that works for you, though; if you ask me to write about it, odds are I won’t make your deadline. 🙂

    1. I’ll get back to you with a time. I was thinking it was time for my Ambar fix, anyway. 🙂 Shannon sends hugs–

  3. Does what happens to me when I drive count?

    It seems like a combination of spacing out and hyper focus, seeing deer and other obsticles before they can kill me. I’m occasionally startled from it by not realizing where I am, even though I turn out to be on course.

    So far.

    1. In fact, that counts as hypnosis. So does distance running, yoga, and TKD. And, if you’re doing it right, sex.

      I’ve been dealing with manuscripts and anxiety for the past six weeks; are you still thinking about a road trip south?

      Love you, even when I go silent–

        1. I not only have weekends off, but I’ve a three-day coming up…I think it’s the 22nd thru 24th. I’ll check and get back to you.

          For you, I’ll cheerfully take a day, whenever.

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