I need to take seven and might take yours

Please post a random picture that struck you as, well, striking, as a comment to this journal entry.

9 thoughts on “I need to take seven and might take yours”

  1. You need them? What do you need them for?

    Ah well, seeing as I was camera happy yesterday, here’s a pic that I thought was pretty nifty.

    I also inverted the colors with Paint, and I think it looks even niftier this way. :p

      1. I went through an obsession with her (still not completely done) and collected loads of pictures of her off the net.

        The word striking made me remember this one.

  2. Re: Enjoy!

    That’s pretty normal. Something to remember: life is supposed to be fun. If you’re turning it into one long chain of commitments, you’re probably failing at the fun part.

    And, you’ll be put in for the “just like mnarra” prize, which you really don’t want to win.

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