If you read it in a pastry, it must be true

In a fortune cookie, last week:

“You will soon be called upon to stretch and take risks.”

Then I wrote, revised, polished. I just now purchased envelopes suitable for mailing small manuscripts, flat, with a SASE included. I had them weighed and stamped. Tonight, I shall mail off to a magazine (more, if I find some that accept simultaneous submissions). Then I shall begin another short story, just so this isn’t the only one I’m obsessing over.

Egad. I apparently mean it. Frightening.

6 thoughts on “If you read it in a pastry, it must be true”

  1. YAY for you and your envelope purchasing! And you better get those mailed out, too!

    Aye, fortune cookies! The best one I’ve ever gotten was “You are the only flower of meditation in the wilderness.“. Uhm, OK.

  2. Weird. I would have understood it to say I would do yoga in the morning and ride my motorcycle to work. No wonder fortune cookies do little for me.

        1. Sadly, this was the cheaper, more cuisine-y chinese food, fraught with MSG and lacking in strong flavors. One doesn’t get the better sort of cookies with that sort of take-out.

          But, hey, the office bought and I received a free oracle, so I’m not complaining.

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