I just received another raise. This one was 6.5%.

“This increase acknowledges a great job performance, value to the company, and an excellent job at multiple job duties to several departments at once.”

I am making 157% of what I was when I began here…and no one has asked me to break any laws for at least six months.

12 thoughts on “Huh.”

  1. Crap. I’ve gotta get into the more dubious fields of employment. Four years later, I’m making… 119% of what I started off making, and 113% of what the people starting now are making.

    1. There it is; you get a job that you aren’t qualified for, where your employers will ask you to violate ethics, morals, and common propriety, and you get the bucks.

      I should have become a pimp of preschool girls. Then I’d really be making bank.

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