I just received another raise. This one was 6.5%.

“This increase acknowledges a great job performance, value to the company, and an excellent job at multiple job duties to several departments at once.”

I am making 157% of what I was when I began here…and no one has asked me to break any laws for at least six months.

12 thoughts on “Huh.”

    1. I’m married, have a teenaged son, and a daughter nearing birth-giving; the question does not come up. 🙂

  1. Crap. I’ve gotta get into the more dubious fields of employment. Four years later, I’m making… 119% of what I started off making, and 113% of what the people starting now are making.

    1. There it is; you get a job that you aren’t qualified for, where your employers will ask you to violate ethics, morals, and common propriety, and you get the bucks.

      I should have become a pimp of preschool girls. Then I’d really be making bank.

  2. I say put that 6.5% in the envelope for whatever that envelope is for, now.

    After you spend it on celebratory things. (;

    1. In fact, both of those things crossed my mind. Although I may put 3.75% in the envelope and 3.75% in me pocket.

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