I took the truck’s timing chain cover back off. I took off the chain, the cam locater plate, the various pulleys and gears. Carefully, then, I degreased and examined each item for any marks placed as reference points.

The cam locater plate was upside down and backwards.

The distributer drive shaft has timing marks that must be oriented.

The crankshaft sprocket has a timing mark filled smooth with grease.

The timing chain does NOT have two bright links. I created a second bright link at the correct interval.

Then I put it all back together, without the radiator or fastening down the top cover. After two cycles of the starter motor, the engine started. vroooOOOM.

Tonight, I will take it all apart again to install the oil flinger, which I cleverly left off.

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        1. In fact, that is the name. Its function is to fling oil all over the inside of the covered area.

          You’d think they’d call it “oil distribution disk” or “enclosed arial lubrication broadcast gear”. Something that makes you believe that you should pay $40 for the replacement.

  1. It sounds as though you have an evening full of fun and excitement tonight.

    I recently joined the live journal and thought that I would say ‘Howdy’.

    Guess who? One hint. Suhayla has a new name.

    1. All right, who’s this Todddddddd schmuck? What makes him so wonderful that he deserves to live with you and the Hound?

  2. Hmm, I had better double check my – what is it called- journal page, or info page. Todd helped me to set it up. I sense some territory marking here. *laughing* I’m still new to navigating the livejournal. I thought that my info was set up not giving out anything personal. Hmmm. I wonder what else is there for me to find.
    Remember that curly haired guy who came down from portland when I was moving from the blue house? That’s the one. He’s an old flame, and a huge sweetie.
    Remember my fat kitty? The one who peed on someones head? (I always congratulated her for that one – Go, Kitty Go!), well, she approves and likes Todd about as much as she can like anyone. ;)He is definitely a two thumbs up.

    1. What that Todd? Still? Wow. He must have something on the ball.

      I’ll just seethe with jealousy for a bit, here.

      How I found him: your journal info says “friend of” mnarra and blue_monsta. Curious who else would be so quick to friend you, I followed him and found that he lives with a bellydancer and a huge dog.

      Elementary, dear Grasser.

      1. Awww, shucks. He keeps me laughing and entertained. As long as he is a good boy I will keep him. Or, the right kind a bad works too.

        I was one step behind you on the sleuthing.

        I like the word ‘flinger’. It has definite possibilities, especially in a cussing string – which I imaging you will be doing plenty later tonight. šŸ˜‰

        1. If he keeps you laughing and entertained, then he is performing the highest function a man might; we (the many who mourned when you left us behind) shall permit him to live. We might even say nice things about him, but only because he’s fond of Zelazny.

          1. Do I hear a slight hint of reproach within your punctuation?
            ;’p Yes, I know that three years is a bit of a long time to dissapear off the face of the earth, or into Portlandia anyway. I have missed everyone in corvallis-land and those who left with the winds.

            You will like Todd. I am about to blow his cover, but he is an excellent Amber player. He can charm the information out of a player, And get that person willingly to do exactly what he wants – and they have no idea what just happened, or they just can help themselves. I dont think that he even has a reputation for being skeevy, but watch out. He would (I dare say) give You a run for your money in a game.

          2. Re: Skeevy? Moi? Ne-Dites Rien…or else.

            All right; anyone who can quote Fiona is all right in my book. Steph may keep you.

            That must be such a relief to all concerned. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow. I feel vicarious satisfaction and didn’t even have to get my hands dirty! This is better than supervising you as you cleaned out that retched toilet. Congratulations!

    Are you addicted yet? You know, you could fix that old Toyota up too, or at least get it running!

    1. I was actually thinking last night, “Y’know, pulling the front off the engine isn’t that hard, and then just zip-whoosh with the new oil pump….”

      No. That truck goes.


        1. Does the Dark Side have MGD? Well, gee-howdy Darth Jethro, I’m already there!

          If you have to get all riled up afore you kin open your beer with a light saber…you jest might be a redneck dark Jedi.

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