That pretty much says it all. I have spent less than ten minutes at the computer since last week.

Wrote some on the novel. Fixed the brakes on the truck. Fixed the choke on the truck, so the truck runs well and idles. Unseated and moved the rock in the front porch so I could dig ditches for drainage. Dug ditches for drainage. Reminded Michael he had about two weeks before getting a job would be too late.

Michael got a job.

Amazing coincidence.

10 thoughts on “busybusybusybusybusybusybusybusy”

    1. I seem to have successfully removed that dysfunction. ‘Course, I won’t know for certain until the next time I need to be tough. But the initial indices are good.

        1. I’m already fanatical. It seems obvious to me that Davan & PeeJee will become more than friends, in spite of PeeJee’s decision not to be…which means that Milholland has something truly ugly in store for them, instead.

  1. busy busy…

    I’m really happy to hear M. has made the move towards a job. I’ve read how tough it was for you, and yet I think it was the best – most honest – choice I’ve seen someone offer. I’m not surprised he found a job. Getting serious is a good thing, making someone understand their options.

    It sounds like you’ve been crazy busy. Glad you are squeezing in time for the novel.

    1. Re: busy busy…

      I’m not surprised he could find a job, but I was concerned that he would need so badly to find the limits that he would self-destruct to do so. That was one of the reasons we talked about it so frankly; it’s harder to self-destruct when you’ve looked at it squarely.

      I’m pleased I’ve been taking novel-time, as well. I discussed with Shannon last night, and we agreed I should try to rise early a day or three a week and write before work. I am no longer making lunches, no longer trying to get people up early — just before we drive away is fine, and if they want more time they can get themselves up.

      “crazy busy”…yes, and still have a million things before me, but I noticed yesterday that, now that the truck is fixed, I am much more relaxed about the myriad things left to do. Weird.

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