Belaboring, again

Belaboring, again

Stephanie called early today and announced that she was having labor pains 7-8 minutes apart. So, off to Corvallis go we.

By 4:00 her contractions had tapered off to every 15 minutes, but we’re going anyway, sort of on spec. It’s probably the best plan, although it feels doomed to futility. My expectation is that this onset was sort of a warm up run, and her actual labor won’t take place for another week. I have, on extaordinarily rare occasions, been mistaken, so we’ll go just in case.

This, as a side note, is the test run of Neo in the car. I find it much easier to type this than handwrite it in a moving vehicle. Very nice, fully as fast as I would be sitting in a coffee shop, a very satisfying type. I expect that, if there is to be much hospital sitting, I’ll get to test drive it there, as well.

I won’t, though. We won’t see the hospital this weekend. But we will see Ma, which is a very good and moderately overdue sort of thing, and possibly Ed, possibly September & Rob. In addition, we will be close at hand, just in case, demonstrating our enthusiasm and readiness. All in all, this is a good idea.

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