Labor continues. We were half an hour from bed and got a phone call on the road; Steph is in the hospital. The baby is having low heartbeats, then high heartbeats (95 to 160). Nothing serious, but something to watch.

So we go to the hospital, ’cause it’s whatcha do. Zelda is here, which caused me some stress on the way up, wondering how she’d behave and how I’d react. She tried to touch me and shied back as if she had a booger on her finger. So far she hasn’t tried again.

To her credit, Zelda is being more a nurse than a head-case. Of course, the weekend is just beginning.

Steph looks good. Joey looks good. Nobody seems panicky or worried. Michael nearly got kicked out for being cute at Steph; women in active labor have little or no interest in joking and obnoxious little brothers — except to have them removed. Or disemboweled. Whatever shuts them up quickest.

And we’re waiting. Neo is an excellent shield against unwanted conversation with exes. Another fine reason to have a Neo.